Teacher Spotlight – Melissa Young


Melissa Young

Melissa Young

Melissa Young, better know as Missy, started dancing at the age of 6 in Bridgeport at Jazz-It-Up, Miss Barb’s first studio partnered with Michele Macauda. Missy came up to Jazz-N-Motion in 1998 and has been with us ever since. She competed in two National Competitions and won them both! When Missy began teaching in 2004, she quickly became the teacher with a class full of students having a ball! They all LOVE her! Today, she teaches hip hop to our young JNM dancers, jazz to our Mother’s class, and always fills in for Miss Barb and Miss Sue whenever asked.  Next year, she will be moving down south, and she will be greatly missed. We love you, Missy!

Picture Day – THIS FRIDAY!!!

4:00     Saturday 9:30 Class

4:30     Saturday 10:30 Class

4:50     Thursday 5:30 Hip Hop

5:00     Thursday 4:30 Class

5:20     Saturday 11:30 Class

5:45     Tuesday 4:30 Ballet

6:05     Saturday 12:30 Ballet

6:20     Saturday 1:30 Class

6:35     Monday 4:30 Acro

6:45     Saturday 2:30 Ballet

7:00     Monday 5:30 Acro

7:10     Thursday 6:00 Acro

7:20     Monday 7:30 Hip Hop

7:25     Wednesday 4

7:35     Tuesday 5:30 Ballet

7:50     Monday 6:30 Hip Hop

8:00     Wednesday 5:30 Class

8:10     Thursday 7:00 Class

8:25     Tuesday 7:00 Pointe

8:40     Emily

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Student Spotlight – Brooklyn B.


Brooklyn Bellemare, age 6, is a dancing powerhouse. She has been dancing for four years. Brooklyn excels in jazz, tap, ballet, acro and hip hop, and she is part of the JNM Competition Team. Her dad frequently tells us that she never stop dancing – day and night!!!  She is such a spitfire!  Brooklyn has so much potential and will go very far with dance!  Great job, Brooklyn!  We are very proud of your hard work!


Teacher Spotlight – Miss Stephanie Cruz

Miss Stephanie Cruz

Miss Stephanie Cruz

Miss Stephanie Cruz began dancing at Jazz-N-Motion at the age of 5 and has danced for 18 years. For many years, Miss Stephanie assisted with the Acro classes, and then began teaching as the Head Acro Instructor 3 years ago. Her style of teaching has pushed our students to perform extremely difficult skills, and her choreography is simply amazing! Jazz-N-Motion students absolutely LOVE Miss Stephanie, and we do too!


Student Spotlight – Olivia R.

Olivia Renna

Olivia Renna, age 12, is a very active dancer at Jazz-N-Motion.  She takes ballet, jazz, tap, acro, hip hop and is a member of the JNM Competition team!  Olivia sets an example of someone who works hard and practices constantly.  There’s no doubt she puts in a ton of effort and never misses class.  Olivia is a pleasure to have at the studio and is always very respectful.  She has so much potential, and we could not be more proud of Olivia and love watching her flourish into such an amazing performer.  Great job!

Olivia (far right)

Olivia (far right)


Teacher Spotlight – Miss Sue

Teacher Spotlight
Teacher Spotlight

Miss Sue is not only a highly dedicated teacher, but she is also the glue that brings everything together.  Miss Sue has put in so much time and work into Competition planning and practice.  Her beautiful photography captures all the backstage happenings for our Jazz-N-Motion family to see.  Before the first competition, Miss Sue coordinated a class to teach make-up application so everyone looked their best on stage.  It doesn’t stop there!  Miss Sue also spends her free time studding numerous costumes to enhance the WOW factor.  Thank you, Miss Sue, for being the sparkle behind the scenes to make the JNM students shine brighter than ever before!

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